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Only 11% of New Twitter Accounts Created in 2012 Still Tweets–Study

Only 11% of New Twitter Accounts Created in 2012 Still Tweets–Study


Only 11% of New Twitter Accounts Created in 2012 Still Tweets–Study

Twitter is without a doubt a popular social network all around the world. But it is also a fact that the microblogging site has always been having difficulty in convincing its users to be more active participants within the service. For several years now, or since its birth, the Website has been facing the issue of user retention.

To begin with, many new users could still find the service as confusing especially because they have to converse or convey messages in just 140 characters. Other than that, Twitter has created a lingo of its own. New users may not easily know about or fully comprehend what the terms like hashtag, re-tweet, or block are all about.

Recently, an Amsterdam-based online research firm called Twopcharts has released findings of its study that is focused on Twitter. According to findings of that research, only about 10.7% of new accounts created in 2012 are still tweeting until today. About 25% of new accounts created in 2008 remain active in tweeting. This shows that there is a declining trend.

Dwindling numbers

The same report also highlighted that around 40% of about 20 million registered accounts on Twitter post at least a single tweet on the month those are created. Twopcharts estimates that by 2015, just 25% of those accounts would tweet at least once after signing up.

Furthermore, there are about 1.5 billion accounts that have been registered on Twitter to date. Of those, 955 million accounts remain existent until today. Only 13% have posted a tweet in the past 30 days. That translated to just half of the 241 million active users monthly as of the end of 2013. Take note that Twitter defines an active user as any account that logs in even for just once every month. Those do not have to post any tweet.

Twitter alert against spam

According to Twitter itself, it has suspended around 50% of all the new accounts registered so far in 2014. The Website said the action was prompted by discovery that those accounts were spam. That figure rose from just 28% in 2012.

The microblogging site usually suspends Twitter accounts that indicate spam-like behavior like constant following and unfollowing many other accounts especially in huge and/or frequent batches. Overall, it is estimated that around 500 million registered accounts have already been suspended ever since Twitter was born.

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