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Online Feline Sensation ‘Colonel Meow’ Passes Away

Online Feline Sensation ‘Colonel Meow’ Passes Away


Online Feline Sensation ‘Colonel Meow’ Passes Away

Online feline lovers are now mourning the death of one of the popular cats that has dominated the social media in the past years. According to its owner, ‘Slave Beast’ also known as Anne Marie Avey, the serious-looking kitty died on Thursday (January 30).

The announcement was done on the Facebook account of ‘Colonel Meow.’ Slave Beast said she could not provide more details about her pet cat’s death. She asked the cat’s fans to let her grieve for a few days. In the end, she thanked the cat’s followers for all their love and support.

Colonel Meow

Based on Colonel Meow’s own Facebook page, the cat was born in October 11, 2011. Last November, reports surfaced that Colonel Meow was suffering health problems. However, Slave Beast
later assured that the cat appeared to be regaining his health.

After that, nothing has been heard about Colonel Meow. That is why most of his followers were surprised to hear the sad news about the cat’s passing away. There is no information about what kind of sickness afflicted Colonel Meow or whatever diagnosis his veterinarian made. But many are hoping that such and more information would be released by the cat’s owner after she overcomes her grieving period.

Funny face

Colonel Meow’s popularity started when his photos spread across Facebook in the context of jokes. The cat instantly called attention and made huge following because of his perpetually serious face and his background. Thus, in the social media, his online persona was created a as a booze-loving and aspiring dictator. This is logical as the cat always looks serious.

At the height of his online popularity, Colonel Meow also met other celebrity cats that made it big across the Internet. Those include Lil Bub and Grumpy Cat, which according to reports both mourned over Colonel Meow’s death.

Feline friends

Grumpy Cat supposedly had his grumpiest day ever. Grumpy Cat and Colonel Meow became friends when they attended the Friskies holiday event. They were supposed to be ‘partners in crime.’

For his part, Lil Bub also mourned over the death of his friend. In a statement, the feline described Colonel Meow as the most impressive, remarkable, and regal living creature that he had ever met. Lil Bub said that despite Colonel Meow’s intimidating façade, the cat was incredibly kind and loving. Across the social media, Colonel Meow’s fans also expressed their grief over his passing.   

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