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OnePlus One Android Marshmallow Update Released

OnePlus One Android Marshmallow Update Released
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OnePlus One Android Marshmallow Update Released

OnePlus One users, here comes good news for you. Though Android Marshmallow was released last year, it has taken its own sweet time to come to non-Nexus phones. The operating system was long due on this OnePlus phone and now finally OnePus One Android Marshmallow update has been officially announced and released.

Carl Pei, OnePlus’ Co-founder, took to Twitter last week to inform the smartphone user that OnePlus One Android Marshmallow update is still in its final testing stage and will be released soon. On Friday via a forum post, the company announced the release. Helen, one of the staff members wrote on the forum, “Our friends over at Cyanogen have informed us that CM 13.0 (ZNH0EAS26M) based on Marshmallow will drop starting tomorrow. The rollout will be staged so only some of you (random) will get it at first, and as always, patience is appreciated.”

With the OnePlus One Android Marshmallow update, the company has also announced some of the changes that are being introduced with the update. Here they are:

  1. Settings > About Phone > Advanced Mode has been removed. Now all the settings will be shown at all times
  2. Settings > Lock screen > Owner info has been replaced with ‘Lock screen message’
  3. New screen (AOSP) will now show memory usage for a selected period of time
  4. For Status Bar Icons, new controls have been introduced
  5. AOSP implementation has replaced CM implementation of silent mode
  6. Quick Unlock has been removed with no replacement

Along with these changes, in the forum post, the company also said that though CM13.0 compliant C-Apps is not available yet, it will come soon, in a week’s time or so. In the post, it is also mentioned that the phone will now ship with “an enhanced camera app based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon camera. For devices that do not support the Snap app, you will retain the Camera2 app as in 12.1.”

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