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This Is How One Student Spends $10K Cash Prize

This Is How One Student Spends $10K Cash Prize
University of Kansas Jordan Stiers wins $10K Twitter

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This Is How One Student Spends $10K Cash Prize

What would you do with $10,000? It’s a hefty sum and one can think of travelling, putting up a business, and keeping a time deposit. But Jordan Stiers has a different plan in mind. She intends to give all the amount to her grandmother.

You may think that giving half the amount is ok and Stiers could keep the rest. Why give away everything?

Stiers calls her paternal grandmother, Roxanne Edwards, her savior. Now that she has a chance to at least give back something to her “Nana”, she did not think twice of giving all the prize money to her grandmother.

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Stiers, a sophomore athletic training student at the University of Kansas, was one of the lucky contestants for the Late Night Event. It is an annual event put up by Kansas men’s basketball coach Bill Self. He sets aside $10,000 from his own money to keep the excitement among students and cheer for their basketball team during the season.

Two contestants were chosen through text messaging. Each contestant can take the shot or choose one non-basketball player in the building to help them out. Stiers chose Kansas director of basketball operations Brennan Bechard.

“I went to Late Night last year and I saw that (Bechard) made the $10,000 shot. I was like there’s no chance I will make it, so let’s go double or nothing on him and see what happens. As soon as he made the shot, I was in shock,” Stiers said during an interview with TODAY.

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Stiers is grateful to her Nana for taking care of her and her six siblings. Their parents struggled with drug addiction. The government almost stepped in and took them in custody until foster families were found.

It was just in time that her Nana came and took them in.

Edwards was surprised by Stiers pledge. She did not expect it. She also said that Stiers did not have to give all the prize money. But Stiers will never forget her Nana’s selfless love.

“When I was 10, my brothers and sisters and I were taken out of our home by the Department of Family Services, and if she hadn’t stepped up and taken us in, we would’ve been split between five different foster homes. She saved us,” Stiers remarked.

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