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One Punch Man Season 2 Air Date Maybe Delayed: Check Updates Here

One Punch Man Season 2 Air Date Maybe Delayed: Check Updates Here
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One Punch Man Season 2 Air Date Maybe Delayed: Check Updates Here

After taking 2015 by storm, the action/comedy anime One Punch Man is now entering its final leg on Toonami. The English dubbed version has been airing since July and has been performing quite well in the ratings.

Ever since its premiere, the show has gained a cult following which was not seen since the days of Bleach and Naruto. Manga illustrator Yusuke Murata has also announced that he is already working to season 2 a reality.

However since the premiere of the English dubbed version, details on the much awaited second season have been scarce. One Punch Man Season 2 is rumored to air in November but the lack of updates have made fans skeptical.

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While there’s still time for Madhouse to work on a second season before year’s end, the prospect remains uncertain. According to Asia Starz, as it stands, fans will just have to wait for updates regarding the anime.

Old Allies New Villains In One Punch Man Season 2?

Rumors suggest that the next season will once again focus on our bald superhero Saitama. After a ridiculous and rigorous training he became the strongest man on the planet. His strength makes him capable of ending fights in a single punch hence the anime’s title.

Lord Boros is rumored to return to settle the score with Saitama after the latter kicked his butt in season 1. Garou is also expected to appear next season as the new villain.

After his master, Bang, appeared in the first season, would make sense for the “Hero Hunter” to make himself known to Saitama. Garou has already made an appearance in the webcomic and manga where he was portrayed as a skilled martial artist.

Lastly there’s Amai Mask, the A-ranked hero obsessed with Saitama, specifically his fighting style. This obsession is also rumored to take a turn for the worst and will push him to confront One Punch Man himself.

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