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‘One Piece’ Chapter 829 Spoilers: Sanji & Pudding’s Wedding May Be Cancelled

‘One Piece’ Chapter 829 Spoilers: Sanji & Pudding’s Wedding May Be Cancelled
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‘One Piece’ Chapter 829 Spoilers: Sanji & Pudding’s Wedding May Be Cancelled

“One Piece” Chapter 82″ is just around the corner after Eiichiro Oda announced that it will be published this week.

Chapter 828 revealed what happened during Pudding and the Strawhats’ meeting and the Vinsmokes on their way to the wedding. Will they reach Sanji in time or will Big Mom get in their way?

According to HOFMag, after they found out that Pokem left a message telling them to turn back in “One Piece” chapter 828, Luffy, despite the warning, revealed his intent to continue on. They will follow Pudding’s map and use the secret route to Whole Cake Island.

It should be noted that Big Mom’s lackeys are probably aware of the Strawhat Pirate’s presence in their territory and have already anticipated their arrival. What they did count on was Pudding giving them a map of a secret route that only she and siblings know about.

As Nami looks around she is amazed that there are no people in sight except for them. While she observes the surroundings, the rest of the crew continues on the route paying no attention to what is around them.

The Navigator of the Strawat Pirates feels worried as she can only hear animal noises. Still they continue on and finally see the entirety of Whole Cake Island and Nami is relieved.

As Luffy tells his crew to go crazy, a card-costumed soldier hidden in the trees runs off to the kingdom to report the intrusion to his superior. After the commander receives the report he immediately prepares a plan and orders his men to deal with it ahead of time.

It is a given that Luffy and his crew will create quite a ruckus in “One Piece chapter” 829 so much so that it will probably cancel Sanji and Pudding’s wedding.

Also, the Vinsmokes will certainly not take this lying down and it will probably up to Sanji to fix the situation.

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