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One of Google’s Loon Balloons Crash Lands in Chile

One of Google’s Loon Balloons Crash Lands in Chile
Google’s Project Loon Global Panorama / Flickr cc


One of Google’s Loon Balloons Crash Lands in Chile

Filling the sky with hundreds of “internet balloons” might sound cool in theory but as it turns out, is not very smooth-going when actually put to practice, especially when one of them comes crashing down on a city. This was experienced first-hand when one of Google’s loon balloons crash landed in Chile last weekend.

Google’s Loon Project is all about testing the boundaries of internet provision, even in remote places, where setting up internet towers is something of impossibility. The main aim of the project is to set up an aerial wireless network with the help of high-altitude balloons placed strategically in the stratosphere. However, the project is still in its experimental phase, which kind of explains some of the lapses that it has had to face in the past and still continues to do so at present.

One of the biggest concerns for the project is actually keeping the balloons afloat in the air where they are being originally placed. A little more than a year ago, Gizmodo had reported that one of the balloons of Google’s Loon Project had crashed in a mint field in Yakima, Washington, causing a power outage for a brief period of time in that area. Luckily no one was harmed at the time.

A similar incident occurred last Saturday (23rd April 2016) in Chile, as reported by The Register. This time, the crash site was a farmer’s field, east of Los Ángeles in Chile. Google went on to release the following statement to the local press: “…landing was controlled locally, and in the end it was possible to carry out a slow descent.”

However, it is more than evident that the experiment in question had gone haywire. Thorough investigations are being conducted by the Chilean Police Force to discover the cause of the crash and further details can be confirmed only after final reports from the investigations come in.

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