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One Direction Hints Reconciliation: Tours And Future Events Reportedly Released

One Direction Hints Reconciliation: Tours And Future Events Reportedly Released
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One Direction Hints Reconciliation: Tours And Future Events Reportedly Released

Fans of One Direction had a brief moment to rejoice as a “Future Events” tab popped up in the tours section of the band’s official website. It was a ray of hope for the Directioners, who have been hoping the band would return to all its glory following its extended hiatus.

The most loyal of the One Direction fans discovered that the band’s official website has added something new, something that hints at a possible reunion tour. The tours section of the website that displayed only the past tours included an additional empty column for Future Events, the reported.

This sent the fans into a frenzy who immediately took to the Twitter to express their excitement and the hashtag #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection started trending worldwide.

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While some sounded confident that the new change added to the website indicates a return of their favourite band with all its members on board, some expressed doubt on whether they are raising their hopes too high.

“I hope this actually means something and isn’t just getting our hopes up for nothing,” tweeted one user.

Another wrote, “To all the haters that said One Direction won’t come back #ThisIsNotTheEndOfOneDirection.”

But, their excitement was short-lived since the column was later found to be deleted. It could either indicate that the group is planning to make a major comeback or just a glitch on the part of the website staff.

“Why did one direction take future events away off of the website?” wondered a fan on Twitter.

“Was literally so excited for one direction future events and then it was removed,” wrote another as quoted by the

Besides embarking on solo projects, Harry Styles have also joined the cast of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war movie “Dunkirk.” Liam Payne and Niall Horan went on to sign their solo deals , with Louis Tomlinson setting up his own record label, the reported. While the group hasn’t split officially, it announced an extended hiatus after the release of their fifth album Made in the A.M. in 2015.

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