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One Direction Fans Slam Kpop Fandom After Liam Payne Decision To Pursue Solo Career

One Direction Fans Slam Kpop Fandom After Liam Payne Decision To Pursue Solo Career
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One Direction Fans Slam Kpop Fandom After Liam Payne Decision To Pursue Solo Career

One Direction fans have slammed the K-pop fandom especially with the claims that the Korean pop culture is as popular as the English-Irish boy band.

Could there be truth to this claim of the K-pop fanatics? And why did the 1D followers have to react that way?

It cannot be denied that both the Korean entertainment genre and the group of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne are gaining grounds in the international music scene.

However, the loyal followers of One Direction do not agree with the other team’s statement that they are of the same footing when it comes to popularity.

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One Directioners got especially annoyed when after it was rumored by that One Direction is permanently gone after Liam Payne signed his solo career, Kpop fans made the hashtag #Sorry1DNotThisFandom trend. It seems they believe that One Directioners will shift toward being Kpop fans after 1D disbands.

On Twitter, the One Directioners aired out their thoughts on the issue as they crashed the allegedly baseless declaration by using the hashtag #Sorry1DNotThisFandom.

“OMG! STUPID STUPID K-POPPERS! Why the heck you tryin when you are supposed to lose #Sorry1DNotThisFandom,” one fan captioned a meme that asks for an appropriate reaction – whether to laugh or do the face-palm sign – upon hearing the Kpop fans’ claim.

Another fan wrote, “The street where Harry threw up is more famous than all the bands together of K-pop #Sorry1DNotThisFandom.”

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In the meantime, Hollywood Life reported that fans of One Direction got irked when they learned about announcement of Liam Payne.

On Thursday, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter took to Twitter to inform his followers that he is already going solo as he already signed a deal with Capitol Records UK.

Following this, a number of his group’s loyalists insisted that he must explain his decision to leave the band because they are reportedly so upset, while another questioned the singer’s post about considering 1D as his family.

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The said fan suggested that if the London-based singing group is his family, he must have not left it.

It can be recalled that prior to Liam Payne, it was Zayn Malik who move out of One Direction to pursue a solo career.

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