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Omran Daqneesh Reunited With Family: Father Abu Ali Recalls Moments Before Bombing

Omran Daqneesh Reunited With Family: Father Abu Ali Recalls Moments Before Bombing
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Omran Daqneesh Reunited With Family: Father Abu Ali Recalls Moments Before Bombing

Omran Daqneesh, the child in the ambulance who became the symbol of the escalating horrors in Syria has been reunited with his family. His father, Abu Ali, recalls the moments before the airstrike that changed their lives forever.

Ali wished that his real name be kept secret for fear of reprisal from the Assad regime. This is because his family, especially his son has become the symbol of the regime’s violence against its own people.

He revisits the moments when his family sat in the living room, braving the war being waged outside their doors. The city of Aleppo has seen heavy fighting in recent weeks between Syrian government forces and rebel fighters.

According to the Telegraph, Omran Daqneesh, who was revealed to be just three years old sat beside his father in their home. With them were another son and two daughters with the eldest son Ali out on the street with his friends.

The evening before the bomb hit their home was strangely calm. The Daqneesh household was unaware that their normal life was about to change in the most horrific way possible.

Omran Daqneesh Showing The Horrors Of War

In mere moments, peace was shattered, as a bomb ripped through the family’s home. Ali said that it was painful to see his children falling before his eyes.

The sofa the family has been sitting was torn in half. And after he dug himself out of the rubble, Omran was the first child he reached. He and his siblings were later rushed to hospital by ambulance where his photo was captured.

Little Omran became the poster child for a war that has taken the lives of many Syrians including innocent women and children. Footage of him in the ambulance vividly displaying his innocence, as he casually rubs off blood and dust from his face.

Miraculously, the Daqneesh family survived the bombing of their home. The young boy is now reunited with his father as well as his brothers and sisters.

The stoic face of Omran Daqnessh covered by dust and blood quickly became viral. Words of sympathy and condemnation for the war in Syria echoed throughout the world.

It was later revealed that the bombing was carried out by Russian Sukhoi fighter-bombers. On Friday, the Kremlin denied being involved and accused the west of using Daqneesh’s image as anti-Russian propaganda.

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