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Olympics 2016 Zika Virus News: Rio Reportedly Hates Hope Solo, Booed At Games

Olympics 2016 Zika Virus News: Rio Reportedly Hates Hope Solo, Booed At Games
Hope Solo Anders Henrikson / Wikimedia Commons cc


Olympics 2016 Zika Virus News: Rio Reportedly Hates Hope Solo, Booed At Games

Hope Solo’s comments about the Zika virus made her infamous among Brazilian fans who booed her every time she touched the ball.

The incident took place while the U.S. Olympic soccer team played against New Zealand in Rio Olympics 2016 on Wednesday.

It was reported that Hope Solo had said she would play in the Olympics while being reluctant. The comment came after indicating, at the beginning, that she might cancel the trip to Brazil over worries about the mosquito-borne Zika virus, reported the Washington Post.

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She also said in May that she would do her best to get out of the hotel in order to practice or travel to games. Some U.S. national team members also expressed concern about going to Brazil for the Summer Olympics.

On Wednesday, the Brazilian crowd booed Solo without mercy every time she touched the ball. The Brazilian crowd shouted “Zika” simultaneously whenever she kicked the ball up-field towards the end of the match.

The atmosphere was heated as the response was not so subtle. The response of fans was also directed to a couple of tweets she posted about the Zika virus in the weeks leading up to the tournament, reported Fox Sports.

In one of those tweets, she wore a mosquito head net while holding a giant bottle of insect repellent. In another, she showed an entire arsenal of “Zika proof” ammunition spread on her bed.

However, after the match, she was not at all startled by the fans’ reaction.

“It’s the Brazilians, they love soccer, they love football, it’s part of the culture so I expect it, but they’re having fun,” said Hope Solo.

“I mean, at least it’s loud in the stadium –€“ I’d rather have that than hear a needle drop.”

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