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Olympic Trials 2016 Women’s Gymnastic Results: Laurie Hernandez Photos & Facts About Her

Olympic Trials 2016 Women’s Gymnastic Results: Laurie Hernandez Photos & Facts About Her
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Olympic Trials 2016 Women’s Gymnastic Results: Laurie Hernandez Photos & Facts About Her

The Olympic Trials 2016 has a new face for women’s gymnastics – Laurie Hernandez, a 2015 junior national champion.

The junior champion had turned 16 this year. She lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey and trains at MG Elite with Maggie Haney, a former NCAA gymnastics star.

According to Elle, when she was only 12 years old, she caught the eyes of gymnastics fans at the Secret U.S. Classic, which is a qualifier for the National Championships with this floor routine.

The publication said that “a crowd pleaser was born” when the then 12-year-old gymnast was remembered for the sharpness of her movements and the fierceness of her dance.

A year after 2012, the young gymnast propelled up the ranks in 2013 to second at the junior national championships.

However, a number of hopeful hearts broke when the 16-year-old gymnast was expected to dominate again in 2014. This is because Hernandez was unable catch a break—or more specifically, she had too many breaks.

During the 2014 event, Hernandez fractured her wrist. After she went through the healing process, she came back into the game, but she tore her patellar tendon in her knee. Her upward momentum was stopped by these back-to-back injuries. Due to these setbacks, she had to sit out the entire 2014 competitive season.

The young gymnast stayed out of competition for more than a year. But surprisingly, she came back in the game with a bang in 2015. The momentum this time was so strong that she won virtually everything as a junior in her final season before the Olympic Trials 2016.

It was precisely observed that Hernandez is able to place her feet exactly where she wants them every single time.

“I see it as such an honor to just, you know, in some sort of way to represent Puerto Rico and Hispanics and all the girls out there,” she said on the prospect of making history.

The five women who will be representing the country in Olympic 2016 will be Simone Biles, Lauren Hernandez, Aly Raisman, Gabrielle Douglas and Madison Kocian, said SB Nation.

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