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OLO Turns Any Smartphone To A Portable 3D Printer

OLO Turns Any Smartphone To A Portable 3D Printer
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OLO Turns Any Smartphone To A Portable 3D Printer

Another accessory is out for your smartphones and it might prove interesting to professional, budding and secret artists as it can be a tool that can help channel your inner creativity. We’re talking, of course, about the latest accessory to join the 3D printer foray. Introducing the all new OLO printer; made to turn a smartphone into a 3D printer.

3D printing is slowly becoming a norm these days. In fact, it has been used not only for artists but also for medical and health purposes. Imagine your own 3D printer portable enough to be carried everywhere you go.

But there’s one more thing different about this device. Unlike others, which were made to be controlled by the smartphone working like a remote control, this one works actively together with your handset not in a commanding way. The printing process involves using your mobile phone’s light, literally transforming your phone into a 3D printer, reports TechSpot. What? How?

Digital Trends explains that the 3D printer has three main parts – the reservoir, the special photopolymer resin poured unto it, and the mechanized lid that contains the build plate and control electronics. The bottom of the reservoir has a piece of polarized glass where the user can place his mobile device facing upwards.

Once the user places the lid on top and the printer starts going, the app makes the phone’s screen light up with a specific pattern. This light, which shines outwardly to give the phone a wider viewing angle, is taken by the polarized glass and redirects it so all the photons travel straight upwards.

As the phone’s screen light up into the reservoir, the light causes a layer of resin to harden on the build plate, then it slowly moves upward as each new layer is created. The report likens it to a tiny DLP printer that uses a phone’s screen instead of a projector. That’s a major difference, don’t you think? Those types of projectors can be so expensive!

Which bring us to its cost. Right now, the OLO printer is on a Kickstarter campaign, and it costs $99 USD. It’s probably the cheapest 3D printer in the world. And it costs less for its super early bird promo at $79 USD only and $89 USD for early birds! Unfortunately, the demand for this product is too high that all super early bird and early bird options are sold out.

All 999 backers per option are met with the other options. But hey, USD $99 is still not bad; it is cheap enough. After all, the makers of OLO believes that a 3D printer should not only be easy to use for all levels; it should be affordable as well. Additionally, according to its Kickstarter campaign, it plans to start shipping by September.

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