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Olmose: The security camera app for your old Android phone

Olmose: The security camera app for your old Android phone
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Olmose: The security camera app for your old Android phone

Nowadays, gadgets have become an essential part of everybody’s life. One can say that almost everyone has the taste for trying out new devices that has that enticing advertisement and that mouth drooling specifications. Trying new devices comes with the dilemma of having old gadgets that one may not know what to do with. This problem is what one company has made a solution for.

Introducing Olmose, a new home security platform that helps make your old iPhones, Android devices and other smartphones useful again by turning them into something that can protect your home. This take on a smart camera can save consumers a lot of money. According to Techno Buffalo, it is a lot cheaper than some of its competition because it reuses technology for your security.

Olmose is an efficient and easy to use video surveillance security platform that allows its user to keep a close tab on their homes wherever they might be. The device enables the homeowner to record and monitor their house and get necessary notifications.

The latest product to join the smart camera society is the result of two brilliant minds pooling their expertise and more than 50 years of combined experience on electronic security and software development.

This Kickstarter project consists of two main parts – the Guardian app and the Remote app.  There is also an optional stand called the Dog Station which can add a few extra features, but isn’t required to run Olmose.

The Guardian app turns a user’s old device into a home security platform. It can run on any device running Android 4.0 and above. It includes offering video surveillance, motion detection and night vision. The company also has cloud storage where the user can review their old video.

On the other hand, the Remote app for iOS or Android lets the user take control of everything using their current smartphone.  Users have the option to stream images from their home, live. The user only has to have a Wi-Fi connection.

Olmose can also be used to check cars. They can hide their device, which has the Guardian app installed, in their cars and track it down using GPS if it goes missing. Meanwhile, the optional Dog Station stand features a built-in camera with infrared detection for advanced night vision. It can also take care of charging and securing other devices.

The Guardian app for a single Android phone costs $21.50 USD on Kickstarter. One can also get the app together with the optional stand for a total of $64.50 USD. Both of these pricing options include one year free cloud storage. The storage can be renewed for $26 USD per month after the free year expires.

The cost might sound too high, but it is considerably cheaper than its competition, Techno Buffalo reported. The Nest Cam and Canary, for example, cost just under $200 USD. Olmose will be ready by April and shipping will start on May, but may be delayed if the demand gets too high. Currently, there are more than a hundred backers on their Kickstarter.

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