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Ohio State Attack Suspect Identified

Ohio State Attack Suspect Identified
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Ohio State Attack Suspect Identified

The suspect in the Ohio State attack has been identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

Artan, who was a student of OSU, drove his car into a crowd, after which he got out of the vehicle and started stabbing people with a knife. Injuries resulted from the incident. An officer then engaged the suspect by firing shots and using “deadly force to stop the threat,” according to Monica Moll, Director of Public Safety, OSU.

Six injured in the Ohio State attack transported to medical facility for treatment

Dr. Andrew Thomas of the OSU Wexner Medical Center confirmed six people rushed to the hospital. These included one who had muscular skeletal injuries, two who were stabbed, two who were hit by the car and one who sustained lacerations.

Governor John Kasich expressed his condemnation over the terrible incident. “Think about what this tragedy could have meant. A man with a butcher knife and who knows what else. I don’t know what else he may have,” Kasich said. “Think about driving a car into a bunch of people, think if you were standing out there, the terrible stuff you about see.”

‘We are a touch, strong, resilient community’ – Gov John Kasich in the wake of Ohio State attack

After speaking with the doctors, Kasich said he was expecting a full recovery of the victims. He also praised the first responders, who were able to not only contain the threat but also help getting the injured to the medical facility.

“We are a tough, strong, resilient community,” Kasich said.

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