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Ohio Shooting 911 Call: Listen As Witness Describes Crime Scene

Ohio Shooting 911 Call: Listen As Witness Describes Crime Scene


Ohio Shooting 911 Call: Listen As Witness Describes Crime Scene

In the wake of the Rhoden massacre that shook the entire country over the weekend, local police still made no arrests as of Sunday. But a chilling audio transcript of the 911 call has been released to public.

In a YouTube video posted by the New York Daily News (see video below), a woman called the 911 at 7:49 Friday to report the shooting. The woman was panting while narrating the morbid scene in their house to a 911 attendant.

“There’s blood all over the house! I think my brother-in-law’s dead,” the frantic woman told the 911 personnel. The woman then burst into tears while the other person on the line was trying to make her calm.

As of this writing, police has not made any arrest of the killings, which resulted in the death of eight members of the Rhode family in Pike County, Ohio. The police remained clueless on the motives of the killings, the NBC New York reported.

In the same report, local authorizes doing the investigation refused to provide more information, including the types of weapons used and how powerful they were. Even information whether there have been missing items from the house, which could indicate a robbery, hasn’t been released by the police.

Meanwhile, Ohio Attorney Gen. Mike DeWine, in a report from the WHIO, said the massacre was pre-planned and was precisely executed by the perpetrator. DeWine added they expect the investigation to drag quite long.

“This is a pre-planned execution of eight individuals,” DeWine said. “It was a sophisticated operation and those who carried it out were trying to do everything they could do to hinder the investigation and their prosecution,” DeWine was quoted as saying by the WHIO News.

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