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Ohio Quadruplets Get Accepted Into Harvard, Yale

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Ohio Quadruplets Get Accepted Into Harvard, Yale

The future is indeed looking bright for a set of quadruplet boys in Liberty Township, Ohio. They have found out that all of them have been accepted into Harvard, Yale and other Ive League schools.

The Wade brothers – Nigel, Nick, Zachary and Aaron – have been getting a lot of attention lately when they managed to pull off an incredible feat. All four brothers managed to get accepted in a number of Ivy League universities in the country.

The way the Wade boys found out is an incredible story in itself. All four were at track practice in school at Lakota East High. According to a report from The Washington Post, Nick found out when he decided to check his phone. “One by one, I found out I had gotten into my schools,” he recalled.

Meanwhile, Aaron had been in the locker room where he, too, logged on. They then proceeded to tell Nigel, who was in the middle of doing stretches. On the other hand, Zach said he waited till practice. But his brothers refuse to wait that long. “It would have taken like 20 more minutes,” he explained.

Brothers get into major universities in the US.

When they checked, it turns out they have all been granted admission into their dream schools. In fact, all four Wade brothers got accepted into Harvard and Yale. At the same time, Nick got accepted into Duke, Georgetown and Stanford. Meanwhile, Nigel made it in Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins. Aaron had also gotten admitted into Standford, while Zach was accepted in Cornell. The boys also got into a host of other schools aside from these.

Having been accepted in prestigious schools, the Wade boys are still in a bit of disbelief. ” We’re still in shock, honestly. I don’t think it has sunk in yet,” Aaron said. Meanwhile, Nigel remarked, “I just felt blessed at the moment.”

As of the moment, the Ohio quadruplets haven’t made up their minds on which school they will choose. However, WCPO reports that Aaron has got his eye on Stanford. Meanwhile, Nick and Zachary are thinking of attending Yale.

Zach is considering an engineering course. Nick plans to do a double major in economics and international relations. Meanwhile, Nigel is considering neuroscience, while Aaron is looking to study computer science and cognitive science.

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