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Ohio Massacre: There’s Conspiracy To Hinder Investigation

Ohio Massacre: There’s Conspiracy To Hinder Investigation
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Ohio Massacre: There’s Conspiracy To Hinder Investigation

Two days after the gruesome Rhoden massacre, which is commonly referred to as the Ohio massacre, investigating officials said there’s a conspiracy to hinder the police investigation.

Initial speculation was that the family committed suicide. However, as authorities dig deeper into the case, the scenario behind the killing of the Rhoden family was far more complicated. As of Sunday, no suspects have been named by local police nor released the motives behind the killing. But some authorities have hinted the possible link between the murder and proliferation of drug abuse in the area.

Marijuana “grow operations” were found at three of four scenes where eight members of an Ohio family were found murdered “execution style,” authorities said Sunday.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine earlier told reporters that the murder was ‘pre-planned execution’. DeWine refused to divulge vital information about the rolling investigation so as not to preempt the manhunt operation launched against the suspects, the WHEC Rochester reported.

“It was a sophisticated operation. And those who carried it out were trying to do everything that they could do to hinder the investigation and their prosecution,” DeWine said as quoted by the NBC News.

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Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader, in a report published by the NBC News, said the investigation in the Rhoden case would be a lengthy one.

The entire state of Ohio, particularly the small country of Pike, is still in a state of shock after the circumstances surrounding the killings have started to surface. But local police remained mum on giving information about the massacre. As of this writing, no suspect or suspects have been arrested in relation to the massacre, which resulted in the death of eight members of Rhoden family.

Gov. John Kasich, who was out of Ohio for a campaign trip for the Republican nomination, called the Rhoden case as ‘a horrible set of murders’. The Ohio government, however, expressed confidence that justice will be served in the end and those who are responsible for the killings will be apprehended.

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