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It’s Official: ISIS Plans On Using Syrian Refugee Program To Enter US

It’s Official: ISIS Plans On Using Syrian Refugee Program To Enter US
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It’s Official: ISIS Plans On Using Syrian Refugee Program To Enter US

How many have said ISIS is going to use the refugee programs of different countries to conveniently enter another soil? In this ISIS news update, an official report was unearthed to expose that indeed, it’s part of ISIS’ plans to enter the US via the Syrian resettlement program.

The Paris attacks that killed 129 people and injured any others is not exactly the triggering point for the debate on the Syrian refugees in America. Many have always thought of ISIS using the civil war victims as a Trojan horse to the advanced security measures imposed by the US.

Though there are no clear indications of the genuineness of the report, others may not be dismissing the possibility that ISIS is on the move and has now even settled members in certain countries that they plan to attack next.

Morning News USA earlier unfolded an ISIS news report that a certain ISIS member, someone tracked by the authorities for some time, is one of the Syrian refugees in a French camp in Calais.

In the report, the suspected ISIS member left Syria in August at the height of inflow of Syrian refugees across Europe.

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Now, a report has emerged that ISIS has always planned on using this welcoming arms from various countries all over the world to sneak in ISIS members to instigate terror attacks. France, now seems to be part of them.

But Authorities have dismissed the idea that the Paris attackers came into Paris as Syrian refugees. But the idea of a possible weakness in homeland security is emphasized by Rep. Michal McCaul.

In a classified report from National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), claims of a big possibility that ISIS is planning on gaining entry to the US through the Syrian Refugee programs have emerged.

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In their letter to Rep. McCaul, the NCTC stated that “individuals with ties to terrorist groups in Syria attempting to gain entry to the U.S. through the U.S. refugee program.”

Refugee programs are “vulnerable” to exploitation, the agency further said.

The White House, however, neither confirms nor denies the claims of McCaul, with a more definitive defense of the refugee program. Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, said that the refugee program takes two years to complete and that each refugee has to undergo strict screening before they can enter the US.

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Rep. McCaul compared the current threat to the World War II fight against fascism. He even said that this time, the US faces a different threat than that from 9/11.

He further said, “I believe the state of our homeland is increasingly not secure.”

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