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Officer Helps Little Crying Girl Find Her Way Home

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Officer Helps Little Crying Girl Find Her Way Home

When a little girl found herself lost along the beach one evening, she found an officer who took her hand and helped find her family again.

A young girl named Hannah became miserable along the beach in Miami on Tuesday evening. She seems to have gotten separated from her family and had been wandering around the beach along. The six-year-old girl was upset and knew that she needed help.

That is how Hannah came to find another family to ask for help. The family, in turn, called the police for assistance. Following this, Hannah met an officer that would take her hand and make her feel a whole lot better.

Clearwater police officer Rich Edmunds had just started his shift with officer Ryan Bianca when they got a call on Tuesday evening. This is how they learned that a child has been found on the beach.

Upon hearing this, Edmunds said his heart just sank. He has two young children of his own and the thought of another parent losing a child is unbearable. Making his way to the beach, Edmunds soon found Hannah. She was with a woman whose family was spending time on the beach. “She calmed the little girl down, gave her a juice box and called police,” Edmunds told Associated Press.

Officer Edmunds suggested they take a little walk.

As Edmunds met with Hannah and the family who took her in their care, Bianca made his way to the lifeguard station. It turns out that somebody had approached the lifeguards regarding a missing child. Edmunds planned to let Hannah ride his patrol vehicle so that he could drive her over. However, the little girl refused to get in the vehicle. ” She was upset and didn’t want to get in the vehicle. So I said, ‘OK, let’s walk,'” Edmunds explained.

As the pair took off to make their way to the lifeguard station, they passed yoga instructor Amy Amerell. Amerell was immediately touched by the sight of officer Edmund and Hannah walking hand in hand. She decided to take a photo of them using her phone. “I told my friend, this may not be appropriate, but I want to take a picture because it’s such an example of kindness and goodness.”

True enough, Amerell’s photo touched a lot of people online. The Clearwater Police Department also shared the photo themselves. It now has 2,000 likes and over 400 shares.

Meanwhile, the pair continued to walk half a mile. In the end, Hannah got reunited with her uncle. The Clearwater Police Department believes Edmunds was Hannah’s knight in shining armor.

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