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The Odd Couple Season 2 Premiere Recap, A Strong Dose Of Laughter

The Odd Couple Season 2 Premiere Recap, A Strong Dose Of Laughter
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The Odd Couple Season 2 Premiere Recap, A Strong Dose Of Laughter

“The Odd Couple” Season 2 Premiere has lived up to the expectation of the fans. The show of pure comedy aired its premiere episode, “All About Eavesdropping” was more than just about the chemistry of Oscal and Felix.

The episode starts with Oscar being ready to spend the day with his roommate watching television. Felix is more excited in going out with his date, Linda, a new neighbour. Now, that became quite irritating for Oscar to know that Felix has already watched the show and made different plans for the evening, Entertainment Weekly noted.

Felix while going to visit Linda, overhears the conversation upstaired. The husband is having an affair with the secratery who happens to be the cousin of the wife. Again the odd couple, Oscar and Felix are obsessed with Frank and Linda and they somehow form their activities around them.

While they are busy that way, Emily and Danny get time for other activities. As mentioned by 2 Paragraphs, Emily and Dani prepared for a race to the top of Empire State Building.

“All about Eavesdropping” was more about the beginning of a new story of obsession. CBS New York noted. The comedy and writing are better than the previous season as Perry pointed out. He mentioned, “Generally, season 2 is just much better,” adding, “The writing got much better, the acting got better, we all sort of geled.”

Lennon plays Felix and has a nude scene in the season. He found it to be quite distressing. He mentioned, “Imagine if you are going to work and it’s like, ‘Hey in about 6 weeks you’re going to have to be completely naked on a television show.’”

The Odd Couple Season 2 Premiere promises a lot of drama to be unfolded in the following episodes. Stay tuned as Morning News USA brings more inside stories.

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