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Obama Goes Asian: Last Official Visit To Japan, Vietnam As US President

Obama Goes Asian: Last Official Visit To Japan, Vietnam As US President
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Obama Goes Asian: Last Official Visit To Japan, Vietnam As US President

The United States and Vietnam had a rather bad history during World War II, but U.S. President Barack Obama is serious in sealing the two countries’ alliance as he’s on his way out of the White House.

Over the weekend, Obama went Asian when he visited two of its most valued allies in the region: Japan and Vietnam. On Sunday, Obama was in Vietnam, a gesture observers see as his way of reassuring the two country’s support to its cause in the region.

While Obama was in Vietnam, China has boasted that it got the support of more than 40 countries on its claim in the highly contested South China Sea, as previously reported by Morning News USA. Just recently, twenty-two Arab countries and several countries from Asia and Africa have backed China’s position in the region.

According to a report from Reuters, ahead of Obama’s trip to Vietnam, calls for reducing the arms embargo imposed in the country has been lingering. But there has been no definite response coming from Obama on the issue as of writing.

Vietnam’s cooperation with several military endeavors is a known fact in the region. In fact, Vietnam is one of the countries that participated in U.S.-led military drill dubbed as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is considered by observers as a U.S. initiative to counter China’s dominance in the region as it claims roughly 90 percent of the vast maritime zone, BBC reported.

“Military and defence co-operation is an important component of the relationship. But we have a comprehensive partnership. And at this moment for Vietnam, trade, investment and economic development are even more important,” Tran Viet Thai, from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, was quoted as saying by BBC.

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