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Obama Favors Kentucky In NCAA Tournament Bracket

Obama Favors Kentucky In NCAA Tournament Bracket
Barack Obama at his Chicago Home Steve Jurvetson / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Obama Favors Kentucky In NCAA Tournament Bracket

President Obama

Image from Flickr by Steve Jurvetson

President Barack Obama, a huge basketball fan, has revealed his favorites for the NCAA men’s basketball championship.

The president’s bracket, which also has a few upsets in the early round stages, predicts that Kentucky, Arizona, Villanova and Duke will make it to the semifinal stage, with Kentucky defeating Arizona, and Villanova defeating Duke. The semifinals are scheduled on April 4 and April 6 in Indianapolis.

He also anticipates that John Calipari’s Wildcats will beat ‘Nova for the championship.

According to ESPN, the president’s predictions include 12th-seeded Buffalo defeating No. 5 West Virginia in the Midwest, 11th-seeded Texas defeating No. 6 Butler in the Midwest and 12th-seeded Wyoming defeating No. 5 Northern Iowa in the East.

Obama’s bracket says neither of them will make it through any further.


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However, he has already gotten one loss. The 11th-seeded BYU, who he predicted to defeat sixth-seeded Xavier in the West, were beaten by Ole Miss in their opening-round game on Tuesday.

By further examining Obama’s sheet, CBS Sports deduced that, as President Obama favors the Cowboys to win over Northern Iowa in the first round, he probably has watched the Mountain West final on CBS last weekend.

Obama also sees Buffalo emerging victorious over West Virginia in the first round and Texas defeating Butler as his Round of 64 upsets in the Midwest.

It was reported that Obama, in a conversation with ESPN’s Andy Katz, said he would like to see college basketball adopt the 30-second shot clock. “I am an advocate, by the way, for the NCAA changing the rules in terms of shortening the shot clock, widening the lane, moving the three-point line back a little bit.

“The fact of the matter is I like how basketball is going in the NBA because it’s fluid. What (Spurs coach) Gregg Popovich did with San Antonio I think is being replicated now with Atlanta and Golden State, and you’re seeing a lot of teams move in that direction. I’d like to see college basketball get back to that. It’s a fast game, let’s get it down to 30 seconds at minimum.”

Obama’s success rate last year stood at 72.9 percentile overall, where he predicted Michigan State’s victory over Louisville in the championship final; Connecticut was crowned the champion. His most accurate prediction was in 2009, when he speculated North Carolina to become the champions.


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