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Obama Administration Gets Thumps Up, Wins High Approval Ratings

Obama Administration Gets Thumps Up, Wins High Approval Ratings
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Obama Administration Gets Thumps Up, Wins High Approval Ratings

President Barack Obama’s administration receives the highest approval in any country in the world, according to a poll conducted by Gallup. The results from the poll conclude that Obama’s administration has the highest approval rating worldwide.

The poll was conducted among five foreign countries, U.S., Germany, EU, China and Russia.

According to the result, Russia shows a drastic low approval rating, with only 22%, two percent less than the previous year. Since 2007, Russia’s rating shows a downward trend compared to countries like the U.S., China, E.U., and Germany.

Russia is the only foreign country that received many disapproval stamps. The ratings were mainly given by Europe and five NATO members.

When the poll result was dissected, it was found that European neighbors were highly dissatisfied with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest move of marching towards Ukrainian territory. Putin vehemently denied that Russia is creating turbulence in Eastern Ukraine after he captured the Ukrainian province of Crimea in 2014.

Ukrainians disapproved of Russian leadership in 2014, which leads to 42% cut in 2014 compared to last year. An 82 percent in Russia disapprove of Obama’s leadership, while E.U. disapprove U.S. leadership with 70%.

China’s total approval rating is 29%, which is constant for the past two years.

The Gallup poll was conducted in 135 countries including areas in the European Union, China, Germany and Russia. The survey takers are 1,000 adults, all aged 15 or older.


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