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O2 Network Loss Across The UK Lasts Five Hours, Upsets Users

O2 Network Loss Across The UK Lasts Five Hours, Upsets Users
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O2 Network Loss Across The UK Lasts Five Hours, Upsets Users

Numerous complaints received from people who lost signals on their phones caused Conservative MP and Business Secretary Sajid Javid to ask O2 to “sort it out.” Users took to social media and complained that they did not have any service for up to five hours.

According to The Guardian, people have been affected by the signal loss in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow and parts of Northern Ireland and London. O2 said they were aware of “some issues” and “isolated instances” and requested their users to reboot their mobile phones and turn them on and off again.

However, asking the users to reboot only caused further annoyance.

O2 reached out to its customers in a series of posts on Twitter, saying, “We’re working flat out (and upright too) to get these fixed. Sorry for the problems,” and “Sorry for all the effort you’ve had to put in Ems. We’re making sure our engineers put in even more to fix the problems!”

The network provider said that its engineers were “beavering away and working to fix ASAP” and that it was “aware of isolated instances where some customers have intermittent access to our service.” It said that it was looking into the matter and would update as soon as possible.

According to Daily Star, O2 provided its users with an update, saying they had been investigating the issue that had caused network outage lasting five years.

O2’s service page, providing the update, said, “Further to our previous message where some O2 customers were experiencing intermittent network service, we have taken steps to minimise the impact and some customers have seen their service return.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and continue to do all we can to restore service for customers who remain impacted.”

The company said that the issue of calling and using data was still being looked into. O2’s Twitter account, however, announced that services will be up as normal for most users soon.

In response to Javid’s tweet urging O2 to “sort it out,” the team posted, “Hey Sajid, we just wanted to keep you updated and let you know we are back up and running.”


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