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NYC WiFi Hubs Get Android Tablets on Top of Free Internet/Calls

NYC WiFi Hubs Get Android Tablets on Top of Free Internet/Calls
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NYC WiFi Hubs Get Android Tablets on Top of Free Internet/Calls

NYC WiFi Hubs are the best thing that has happened to New Yorkers. A busy city needs to be tech-friendly and understand the impact it has on daily life. Due to unavailability of Wi-Fi, entrepreneurs and other busy individuals have no other option than to roam around with smartphones, tablets or laptops along with the internet. What if their battery drains suddenly or your forget your gadget at home?

NYC WiFi Hubs offer free, fast internet connection to New Yorkers. These hubs have now added Android tablets so that citizens can check emails, call their loved ones or look for directions on Google Maps. Just imagine what if you forgot your phone at home or at work and need to get in touch with your boss or partner on an urgent basis? Or what if you are new to the city and are in need of directions? That is when these NYC WiFi Hubs will make sense and you will thank the city for offering fast internet absolutely free of cost.

Along with the Android tablets, the NYC WiFi hubs also have USB chargers and headphone ports, which mean your phone calls will be private and while you check your email or speak to a loved one, you can charge your phone too. Are you concerned about security? “Since security is an obvious concern, the tablets eventually time-out and the cookies are deleted after a minute of no activity,” reported The Verge.

NYC WI-Fi Hubs: Key Features

On the site dedicated to LinkNYC, the LinkNYC team has posted the following features:

  1. Use your personal device to connect to LinkNYC’s super fast, free WiFi
  2. Browse the web and access city services, maps and directions from the tablet
  3. Make free phone calls to anywhere in the U.S. using the Vonage app on the tablet or the tactile keypad and microphone. Plug in your personal headphones for more privacy.
  4. Use the dedicated red 911 button in the event of an emergency
  5. Charge your device in a power-only USB port
  6. Enjoy more room on the sidewalk with Link’s sleek, ADA-compliant design by Antenna
  7. View public service announcements and more relevant advertising on two 55” HD displays

For more details, you can also visit LinkNYC website.

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