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NY Prison Break: Sex Romps Happen In Meat Freezer – Report

NY Prison Break: Sex Romps Happen In Meat Freezer – Report
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NY Prison Break: Sex Romps Happen In Meat Freezer – Report

As investigation to Joyce Mitchell deepens, more shocking details of what goes behind the Clinton Correctional facility emerged. A former inmate, Club Kid killer Michael Alig, revealed that sex romps between inmate and prison employee or between inmate and inmate normally happen inside the prison’s meat freezer.

The information emerged as court found that Mitchell both had relationships with Richard Matt and David Sweat.

Sex romps at Clinton Correctional Facility take place inside meat freezer

“It’s easier to have sex with a woman [at the prison] than it is to have sex with a man. The women are working on staff and they have access to private rooms,” Alig told Page Six.

Alig spent 17 years in prison for murdering drug-dealer Angel Melendez in 1996.

“Like the storage rooms or the meat freezer. A lot of things happen in the meat freezer. Because there’s only one entrance, it can be locked, and there are no windows. Those places are known to everyone,” he told of the Clinton Correctional Facility.

Alig said that there are “blind spots” inside the prison where the guards cannot see all the activities happening.

“Officers are placed like every 100 feet. But there are these tiny little spots where the guards can’t see you — inmates know where all those spots are,” Alig said.

He said he did not meet fugitives Matt and Sweat but he has his theory about how they managed to escape. He said the jail is louder than a nightclub, literally with loud music round the clock. It is possible that no one heard as Matt and Sweat used power tools to drill their escape route.

Alig, however, said that though escaping the prison is very difficult, Matt and Sweat’s case is unique.

“[The prison’s] over 100 years old, and no one’s escaped in all that time. You have no idea how hard it is . . . it won’t happen again.”

Mitchell had relationship with Sweat before Matt

Mitchell is being accused of providing power tools to fugitives Matt and Sweat. And as investigation focuses on her, more details emerged of her relationship to both men.

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie said that Mitchell had been investigated in the past for an inappropriate relationship with Sweat. In 2013, jail officers decided to move Sweat out of the tailor shop where Mitchell was also supervising to keep them away from each other.

During this year, Mitchell started having a sexual relationship with Matt, an unnamed source told CNN. Sometime this year, Matt painted a portrait of Mitchell’s children. In April this year, Mitchell gave that painting to her husband as a wedding anniversary present.

Search operations expanded

The authorities have searched 16 square miles or an area equivalent to 8,000 football fields, with 600 local, state and federal law enforcement officers involved in the search, New York State Police Maj. Charles Guess told CNN. The police have also developed more than 1,400 leads.

The police are also searching parts of the Adirondacks in upstate New York where there are hundreds of cabins left abandoned during off-season. Detectives believed the two escapees are hiding inside one of these cabins. Worse, Matt and Sweat could be inside one the homes in the area, taking homeowners as hostages.


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