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NY Prison Break: More Of Sweat’s Confession

NY Prison Break: More Of Sweat’s Confession
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NY Prison Break: More Of Sweat’s Confession

David Sweat told authorities that they did not use power tools in order to escape the Clinton Correctional Facility, contrary to what officials at the prison were telling in the days after the breakout. Sweat revealed that together with Richard Matt, they were able to practice how they would escape the night prior to the real deal.

Meanwhile, top officials at the Clinton Correctional Facility were already placed on leaves in the wake of investigations.

No power tools, there was even a dry-run

Sweat told Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie that he began cutting through the steel cellblock walls as far back as January using only a hacksaw blade. Sweat had also revealed that he and Matt were able to rehearse their grand escape the night before June 6, Wylie told ABC News Today. The duo may have planned the escape for more than six months.

Almost caught

Sweat also revealed that he was almost caught by police twice. The first time was when three people came to check the cabin where they were hiding. The group was discussing whether to enter or leave the cabin at once. Sweat said they were so close that they could hear the group’s conversation. At one point, a police walked right by him while he was hiding in a hunting tree, ABC News reported.

Top officials put on administrative leave

A superintendent and his deputy in charge of security at the Clinton Correctional Facility have been put on administrative leave in the wake of investigations. The top officials were Superintended Steven Racette and Deputy Superintendent Stephen Brown as revealed by an insider who spoke with The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Ten more staffers were also placed on leave, according to the insider.


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