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NY Prison Break: Love Story Unfolds As Plot To Kill Mitchell’s Husband Revealed

NY Prison Break: Love Story Unfolds As Plot To Kill Mitchell’s Husband Revealed
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NY Prison Break: Love Story Unfolds As Plot To Kill Mitchell’s Husband Revealed

Joyce Mitchell and fugitive Richard Matt could have developed a romantic relationship that led them to device a plot to kill Mitchell’s husband, an unnamed source revealed. Their relationship could only flourish if Matt is out of prison and her husband is killed, hence the elaborate scheme of the New York prison break, the sources believed.

A love story out of Clinton Correctional Facility

As previously reported by Morning News USA, Mitchell was already arrested on charges of providing material support to escapees Matt and David Sweat. During an interrogation following her arrest, Mitchell allegedly revealed that she consented for the two fugitives to have her drive their getaway vehicle, kill her husband and runaway with them to Vermont. The information was revealed by law enforcement officers who have spoken to the Times Union under the condition of anonymity.

The sources said Mitchell came clean of their plan to murder her husband during a ten-hour interview with investigators. Her husband is a maintenance worker at the Clinton Correctional Facility, the sources said.

Another source told The Daily News that Mitchell did not agree to help murder her husband but she consented to the plan.

“They planned on killing her husband… the plan was to pick them up and go to her house. She didn’t say that she was going to help them” kill her husband,” the source told The Daily News.

School will be guarded on Monday

The Saranac Central School District will be heavily patrolled by state police as the hunt for the two fugitives continues along Route 374 in New York, The Washington Post reported. There will be law enforcers that will roam the campuses from 7am to 5pm starting Monday.

The school district has also suspended the students’ outdoor activities. There are already 800 policemen hunting for the two escapees. Parts of Route 374 will also be close from the public until Monday evening.


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