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NY Prison Break Latest: Fugitives Sighting Told By Sources

NY Prison Break Latest: Fugitives Sighting Told By Sources
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NY Prison Break Latest: Fugitives Sighting Told By Sources

Various sources have told police that they sighted escaped prisoners Richard Matt and David Sweat in some farms and fields in the small town of Willsboro. The duo is said to have been spotted by one witness walking barefoot in the rain. Two other sources told police they saw Matt and Sweat inside their backyard.

Morning News USA has previously reported that a woman employee of the Clinton Correctional Facility was being questioned by police. The woman has been identified as Joyce Mitchell and police said she had a change of heart helping the escapees at the last minute.

Fugitives sighted in Willsboro

Troopers from New York State Police and deputies from the Essex County Sheriff’s office are focusing their search in the small town of Willsboro. They are chasing down a lead according to a law enforcement who has spoken with Fox News.

Two residents of the town, whose names are withheld for security purpose, told police they saw the fugitives in their backyard, holding something that appears to be a guitar case. Their backyard is nearby the manhole where the prisoners emerged from their escape. One of the witnesses confronted Matt and Sweat who told them they were just lost and did not know where they are. The two then took off running. One of the witnesses told ABC News she “felt lucky to be alive” after such close encounter with the escaped murderers.


NY Prison Escape: Convicted Murderers Sighted In New York Town


Fugitives walking Willsboro road

Another witness also told police he was two “suspicious men” walking down a Willsboro road. The area was “all large farms and fields and wooded lots. However, as the witness, who was driving a car, approached the two men, they took off.

“They were walking down the road, not dressed for the elements. They ran into the fields, from what I understand. So this behavior … was suspicious,” Town Supervisor Shaun Gillilland told CNN.

Woman employee who reportedly helped prisoners has been identified

Joyce Mitchell, an employee at the Clinton Correctional Facility, was supposed to bring the prisoners their escape vehicle but she had a change of heart at the last minute. She was one among the prison employees who are being questioned by police and she has been “somewhat cooperative” in the investigation, an unnamed source told CNN.

While Mitchell has not been charge, police found that her mobile phone was used to call people who are related to Matt and sweat. The police are still investigating whether someone made the calls unknown to Mitchell or whether she had a direct participation.

Who helped the prisoners in escape?

The duo received help for their escape and is continuing to receive help at this very moment that they remain at large, Mark Fuhrman, a former Los Angeles Police Department believes. Worse, they can be very far from the area where police are conducting search.

“They could be a thousand miles away or a mile away, but laying low close by only complicates your problem. If anyone is going to recognize their photos, it’s someone in the immediate area,” he told Fox News.

“Escaping this type of a correctional facility and getting to the point of exit is only half the problem. You need logistical help to get from that point to a place where you’re not going to be picked up,” he said.

“That’s (stolen vehicle) the first thing police look at when you have someone afoot. If you don’t have that, they had help.”


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