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NY Prison Break: Fugitives Scoured Trash Bin For Food

NY Prison Break: Fugitives Scoured Trash Bin For Food
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NY Prison Break: Fugitives Scoured Trash Bin For Food

Authorities searching for fugitives Richard Matt and David Sweat have scoured a Subway sandwich shop just within few miles of the Clinton Correctional Facility on hunches that the duo might have been searching for food in the trash bin. The police are following leads from guard dogs that are trailing the scent of the escapees.

CCTV shows duo roaming a gas station

Investigators have watched a surveillance video from a gas station about a mile from the Clinton Correctional Facility after tracking dogs picked up the scent of the fugitives in the area. There is a Subway sandwich shop at the gas station where the two desperate escapees might have searched for food, Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie told CNN.

The tracking dogs are following scent toward the town of Cadyville.

“If this is an actual true lead that the dogs are following on, we hope to be successful in the next 24 hours,” he said.

‘Grooming’ is widespread in prison

Morning News USA has previously reported that former inmates from the Clinton Correctional Facility think that it is impossible for Sweat and Matt to obtain insider help . However, unnamed sources told NBC News that a practice known as ‘grooming’ is rampant between inmates and the weakest prison employee.

‘Grooming’ is a big problem among prison workers, an unnamed corrections department employee told NBC News. Any employee who appears to be vulnerable and openly showing compassion can become target for such practice, another source said.

“It’s a long slow process, that unfortunately sometimes succeeds. Thankfully (it’s usually) only for minor things — extra recreation time, newspapers, food. Pretty innocuous stuff, but sometimes it doesn’t end there,” the source said.

“The right inmate can use that information … make them feel good, make them feel wanted and make them feel attractive when they don’t get the same from those closest to them,” another source said.

The danger comes when an employee broke a prison rule, even the most minor one, because at this point, the inmate can already blackmail the employee, the sources added. The inmate can now escalate his demand as he can already threaten the employee of exposing them to the authorities.


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