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NY Prison Break: Fugitives Almost Caught

NY Prison Break: Fugitives Almost Caught
New York City Aurelien Guichard / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


NY Prison Break: Fugitives Almost Caught

Fugitives Richard Matt and David Sweat were almost caught in a hunting cabin in Owls Head, New York. The police found underwear issued by the Clinton Correctional Facility and collected DNA sample from leftover food inside the cabin.

New York State Police Maj Charles Guess told press Monday that the DNA testing reached a “conclusive determination.”

DNA found inside hunting cabin

The owner of the hunting cabin in Owls where the underwear and leftover food were collected for DNA testing arrived in his property on Saturday. The man saw obvious signs that there are people moving inside, an unnamed police source told ABC News.

The owner did not enter the cabin but shouted from the outside. The people inside bolted out from the cabin. When the police arrived at the scene, they were able to collect prison-issue underwear and leftover food among some items.

On Monday, Guess announced in a press conference that the DNA testing reached a “conclusive determination.”

Unnamed police officers who have spoken with CNN confirmed that DNAs found at the cabin belong to prison escapees Matt and Sweat.

Police trying to contain fugitives in the area

Police are now working on containing the two escapees in the area, the sources told CNN. They are working on strategies with consideration that the two are running and on foot.

The police are also considering the possibility that the two men are monitoring radio communications in order to plan escape route, according to the sources. Hotel registries in the areas are also being reviewed by police.


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