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NY Prison Break: David Sweat Confesses To Authorities

NY Prison Break: David Sweat Confesses To Authorities
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NY Prison Break: David Sweat Confesses To Authorities

Richard Matt and David Sweat originally planned to travel to Mexico with Joyce Mitchell after killing her husband. But since Mitchell had a change of heart at the last minute, Matt and Sweat was left with no plan B and was forced to improvise. The information was revealed by Governor Andrew Cuomo based on confession made by Sweat to the authorities.

Sweat and Matt split up five days ago

Sweat, who is now in stable condition at Albany Medical Center, confessed to authorities that they have planned to escape to Mexico with Mitchell, Cuomo told Capitol Pressroom.

“They would kill Mitchell’s husband, and then get in the car and drive to mexico on the theory that Mitchell was in love with one of both of them. And then they would go live happily ever after, which is a fairytale that I wasn’t read as a child. But we all believe what we want to believe,” Cuomo told the Capitol Pressroom.

Cuomo said that investigations on Mitchell and the corrections officer are still on the table. The two will be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law according to Cuomo.

Sweat also told authorities that he had separated from Matt five days ago because Matt was slowing him down.

Sweat was captured wearing camouflage and with a backpack full of supplies. Sweat had maps, tools, bug repellent, wipes and Pop-Tarts, CNN reported.

What’s in it for Sweat?

Sweat will be instrumental in exposing what was wrong in the system of the Clinton Correctional Facility. The authorities would also like to know how they managed to escape and survive while on the run. He might get an incentive because of this, retired sergeant at Clinton Correctional facility Jeff Dumas told CNN. However, such incentive will only go as far as having Sweat get out of solitary confinement earlier. Without this exposure, he is intended to stay at solitary confinement for seven years.

“It’s a bargaining chip for him now. Within the department, he’s going to be locked into a cell, 23 out of 24 hours a day, in solitary confinement. … He’s going to try to use that chip with New York state so he isn’t locked into 23 out of 24 (hours) for an extended period of time,” Dumas told CNN.

Clinton County District Attorney Andrew Wylie told authorities he is more keen at limiting the prospect of a plea bargain.

“There’s certainly no plea bargain that we could put out there. The Department of Corrections obviously wants information; they want answers as well relative to how this escape occurred. So on that end, whatever benefit that may be for David Sweat, only the time will tell,” Wylie told CNN.


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