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NY Prison Break: Active Suicide Watch On Sweat After Return To Maximum Security

NY Prison Break: Active Suicide Watch On Sweat After Return To Maximum Security
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NY Prison Break: Active Suicide Watch On Sweat After Return To Maximum Security

David Sweat, who was shot and wounded during his June 28 arrest, has returned to maximum-security after being treated and discharged from Albany Medical Center. Sweat will also be placed on active suicide watch, the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision or DOCCS announced on July 5.

Sweat in a single cell, 23 hours a day

Sweat was released from Albany Medical Center at 3:05 a.m. on July 5 and has since been incarcerated at the maximum-security Five Points Correctional Facility in Romulus. For security reasons, the department refused to discuss in public the details of how Sweat was transported to the facility.

Sweat will first undergo an initial evaluation in the facility’s infirmary. He will then be placed in a Special Housing Unit in a single cell within the facility’s 23-hour confinement unit. The department deemed it necessary for Sweat to be placed on active suicide watch.

Each cell at Five Points has a bed, a writing platform, a toilet and sink, and a facility-controlled shower which will limit movement. Five Points was opened in 2000. It houses 1,294 inmates and has 669 employees, including 511 security staff.

Sweat Denied Having Sex with Joyce Mitchell

Sweat has denied any sexual relationship with Mitchell and told investigators it was all her idea to have her husband killed before feeling with them to Mexico, a source told CNN. Sweat also insisted that it was Richard Matt who maintained a sexual relationship with Mitchell. However, this was vehemently denied by Mitchell’s lawyer and upheld that Sweat and Matt were the ones who hatched up the murder plot against Lyle Mitchell.

Clinton Correctional Facility is never the same again

Officials are now keeping watch over Clinton Correctional Facility in a way never seen before, CNN has learned. A weekly inspection of every cell is now mandatory and the inspection is supervised by a senior security staff member. The random inspections for drugs and other illegal contraband are now being done more frequently with each cell being searched once every two months. All tunnels in the facility are now being inspected monthly instead of biannually. The “honor block” where Matt and Sweat were housed has been eliminated as investigations continue.


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