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NY Policewoman Shot While On Duty

NY Policewoman Shot While On Duty
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NY Policewoman Shot While On Duty

The New York Police Department is currently on state of alert as a veteran police officer and a mother of three was shot early Wednesday. The attack was unprovoked and was done while the officer was in her command vehicle. The unprovoked shooting caused the death of the unsuspecting officer.

48 year old Miosotis Familia was shot in the head while she was just in her command vehicle, reports CNN. After being shot, Familia was rushed to the St. Barnabas Hospital but it was too late and the officer was declared dead. The motive behind the killing is unknown for now but the other police officers have taken down a male suspect who could very well be the assailant.

Shortly after the shooting, other police officers on watch encountered Alexander Bonds. The 34 year old was seen running just a block away from the crime scene. While being confronted by the officers, Bonds drew a gun. The officers were quick to act and Bond was killed by the police on the spot.

This isn’t Bonds’ first run in with the law. Back in May 2013, Bonds was paroled after serving an eight year sentence for a robbery in Syracuse, reports New York Times. During his sentence, Bonds was placed in some of the most notorious prisons in New York, the Attica Correctional Facility.

Before the crime, the police discovered that Bonds posted a Facebook video last Sept. 2017 that shows him ranting against horrible prison conditions. According to him, police officers raped and killed inmates. He later on adds that he would not back down in any confrontations with the police. Obviously, Bonds had planned the attack long before the crime. For now, the police is yet to reveal the exact motive behind what Bonds did but after discovering his hatred for police officers, the motive might be a bit clearer now.

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