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NY Judge Condemns The FBI To Force Apple Get iPhone Data

NY Judge Condemns The FBI To Force Apple Get iPhone Data
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NY Judge Condemns The FBI To Force Apple Get iPhone Data

The ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI over the U.S. privacy and public safety issue saw the first light of the day. Yesterday, a federal judge gave the verdict that the U.S. government cannot force the Cupertino tech giant to break into iPhone data which was used in a drug case.

The ruling came out days after a California judge ordered Apple to create a special software for breaking the encryption of code in an iPhone which belonged to a San Bernardino terrorist.  US Magistrate Judge James Orenstein announced that the tech firm could not be forced to breach into other’s privacy in the name of social cause.

The magistrate stressed on the issue by saying that the US Justice Department cannot use a 227-year-old law to compel Apple to act. He criticized the government by saying that the California court could not force Apple “to produce impermissibly absurd results.”

Apple was previously condemned for not helping the government on the encryption issue. Nonetheless, the US magistrate disapproved the matter saying that just because Apple is an American Company it could not be forced to do anything for the benefit of country. He added that such as attempt on part of the government to require a company violate deeply-rooted values of a country “reflects poorly on a government that exists in part to safeguard the freedom of its citizens.”

Both cases, including the drug case and the terrorist iPhone data issue, hinge on whether an old law written long before the computers came in could not be used to force the tech company to hack into someone else’s phone. The subject is highly critical at this point sparking national debate over national security and digital privacy rights, reports Economic Times.

In a report by FoxNews, Apple could not be obligated to do something against its will. It is worth noting that the Congress does not hold legislation rights to achieve the desired result as sought by the government investigators. Click here to learn more about Apple’s battle against FBI.

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