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NVIDIA To Reveal Fastest Tegra Note 7 LTE

NVIDIA To Reveal Fastest Tegra Note 7 LTE


NVIDIA To Reveal Fastest Tegra Note 7 LTE

NVIDIA is willing to present a newer version of Tegra note 7 which was released in November.

The new version is more smart and speedy than the previous one as it adds an LTE modem. The new device is appropriately named as Tegra note 7 LTE. The device includes the performance of Tegra 4 SoC and also the NVIDIA i500 software LTE modem. NVIDIA is going to present the device in mobile world congress next week. The announcement of latest 4.4.2 KitKat Android update for all the Tegra note 7 devices adds more charm to consumer’s attention as it brings a new gamepad mapper functionality. With the use of i500 LTE and 4G LTE cellular connection NVIDIA has proved it to be the world’s fastest 7 inch tablet.

The i500 modem is unique and remarkable as it has radio technology defined software. It can handle multitasking capabilities via software and without changing the chip set. It is highly efficient and approximately 40% less in size than other modems with a boost of 4 times fastest processing. Like Tegra note 7 the LTE version is also powered up by a 72-core Geforce GPU and a quadcore Cortex A15 CPU along with a 5th battery saver core. Implementation of LTE modems along with 72-core makes the new version super fastest. Product’s other specification includes 1GB RAM, 16GB storage with cellular connectivity, 1280×800 resolution IPS display stylus support, 5MP and VGA cameras and a micro HDMI connector. Consumers can now get access to the web, check out maps and play videos anywhere they go by purchasing a minimum data plan from many carriers.

It is suggested that the device will be released in the UK. There, it can support the 800, 1800 and 2600 LTE bands. It will be available globally from the second quarter of 2014 as NVIDIA is making relation with companies for each product in order to bring them out in the market successfully. For example, in US, the partnering company is EVGA. NVIDIA is in process to access Brazil, Germany, Ukraine, and France. The Mountain View’s 7 inch Nexus series of tablets has already registered a great and alluring success and as the competitors in the market flexes their muscles to launch the tabs like Samsung Pro super screens; Tegra will definitely beef up the market size for Nvidia and make it more than just a gaming cards company. With the launch of this new series, experts predict a specific boost of sales for Nvidia which was much needed.

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