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US Intelligence Reportedly Found Russia’s Discreet Nuclear Bunkers

US Intelligence Reportedly Found Russia’s Discreet Nuclear Bunkers
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US Intelligence Reportedly Found Russia’s Discreet Nuclear Bunkers

Has Russia been preparing for war this whole time? It seems the country has been discreetly honing its nuclear war capabilities underground where the U.S. and NATO can’t see it.

Russia has recently been moving swiftly and discreetly, and it is making a lot of countries nervous. In response to Russia’ upcoming tactical exercises, as well as President Vladimir Putin criticizing the Kiev government, Ukraine has decided to put its forces on high alert along its borders near Russia. As it turns out, Russia had been stealthily moving more of its military vehicles into Crimea.

Today, a report from The Washington Free Beacon reveals that Russia has been building a number of nuclear command bunkers underground as part of a modernization program for its strategic forces. U.S. officials have also pointed out that they are building these facilities by the “dozens.”

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During a conference, U.S. European Command commander Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti remarked, “Russian doctrine states that tactical nuclear weapons may be used in a conventional response scenario. This is alarming and it underscores why our country’s nuclear forces and NATO’s continues to be a vital component of our deterrence.”

Moreover, National Institute for Public Policy Mark Schneider, also a former Pentagon official, had said that Russia seems to be gearing up for a “big war” and that you can expect Russia to be the one to launch the “first attacks.”

Recently, a number of Russian official had issued some nuclear threats. “A lot of things they say they are doing relate to nuclear threats and nuclear warfighting. Active and passive defense were a major Soviet priority and [current Russian leaders] are Soviets in everything but name,” Schneider explained.

To counter Russia’s nuclear aggression, military analysts are recommending deep-penetrating nuclear bombs that can affect Russia’s command structure. Low-yield nuclear arms can also be used for future precision strikes.

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