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Nuclear War: Safest Countries When It Erupts

Nuclear War: Safest Countries When It Erupts
Nuclear Scarred Wasteland Eva Rinaldi / Wikimedia Commons cc


Nuclear War: Safest Countries When It Erupts

In nuclear war news, Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of lying regarding its nuclear power.

Nuclear War: Putin’s Statements

The Russian president revealed that Russia is constantly developing new-generation warfare. “Major global conflicts have been avoided in the past few decades, due to the geostrategic balance of power, which used to exist,” Putin told a group of journalists.

“The two super-nuclear powers essentially agreed to stop producing both offensive weaponry, as well as defensive weaponry.”

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According to Express UK, Putin alleged that the U.S. was rejecting Russian deals to stop weapon production. Allegedly, Russia can pinpoint when the U.S. creates a new missile that could threaten Putin’s country.

Putin added that he is not going to make a list of all developments his country made. However, he said that Russia has modernized their military-industrial complex and are continuing to evolve new generation warfare.

Nuclear War: Safest Places During A Nuke War

It was pointed out that in case of a tough nuclear battle, living anywhere in the northern hemisphere would be dangerous.

Russia, America and the majority of Europe and the middle East would become an absolute radioactive wasteland. The population would starve and become prey to disease and civil war.

The safest place would be the south island of New Zealand. There are three reasons behind that: first, it is far away; second, it’s a non-nuclear area; finally, the area has no strategic importance.

According to Metro UK, Perth in Australia could be another safe haven to live. It is one of the most distant cities on Earth and is located in a non-nuclear nation.

French Polynesia would act as another safe place to live in during a nuclear devastation. However, there is the entire southern hemisphere that would be target-free.

Finally, Antarctica would be the only continent that wouldn’t be targeted in a future conflict, according to Ted Thed.

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