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Nuclear War: Pakistan, China, Russia Vs India, America Nuclear Warheads

Nuclear War: Pakistan, China, Russia Vs India, America Nuclear Warheads
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Nuclear War: Pakistan, China, Russia Vs India, America Nuclear Warheads

Grounds for an impending nuclear attack have been laid down by age-old rivals India and Pakistan. With foreign alliances enforced, which country has a better chance of winning this nuclear war?

Tensions continue to grow in the India-Pakistan border with both the age-old rivals looking to settle the Kashmir dispute once and for all, but not through peaceful discussion, but through accusation, violence, and bloodshed.

India-Pakistan War

Pakistan already made the first move when it attacked an Indian army base in Uri, Kashmir, killing 18 Indian soldiers a couple of weeks back.

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In order to avenge the deaths of the soldiers, Indian troops executed “surgical strikes” on Pakistani militants near the border, on Thursday, after getting tipped off that those terrorists were positioned to infiltrate into India.

As a result, two Pakistani soldiers and some other unidentified casualties occurred, even though no civilians were harmed.

Pakistan has vehemently denied any such “surgical strikes” taking place, stating that “this quest by Indian establishment to create media hype by rebranding cross border fire as surgical strike is fabrication of truth,” reports Al Jazeera.

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Nuclear War: Alliances And Foreign Ties

However, this does not rule out the possibility of Pakistan attacking back since they now have the support of China, who has pledged to side with Pakistan in the case of any foreign aggression.

The attack can be of a nuclear nature since Pakistan is well-aware that where their army lacks in strength, when compared to India, it makes it up in nuclear weaponry, which is higher than India.

Also, looking back at 1996, when the U.S. and many other countries signed the NPT or Nonproliferation Treaty, India and Pakistan never signed it, reports Arms Control.

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Pakistan also has a history of using nuclear power irresponsibly, as pointed out by US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, reports The Sun:

“Pakistan nuclear weapons are entangled in a history of tension, and while they are not a threat to the United States directly, we work with Pakistan to ensure stability.”

On the other hand, Carter has praised the policy of restraint that India has always maintained regarding nuclear power, something which re-affirmed the friendly relations that India has always shared with America.

Even though Russia has not publicly picked a side yet, it is rumored to lean towards forming an alliance with Pakistan ever since Russian troops have landed there to carry out anti-terror drill together, reports Asia Times.

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Nuclear Warhead Assessment

So if it comes down to an all-out nuclear war between the US-India on one side and China-Russia-Pakistan on the other, here is an assessment of which side is likely to have an upper hand in the war:

  • It has been estimated that China, India, and Pakistan all possess ballistic missile, cruise missile, and sea-based nuclear weapons.
  • Even though China, Russia, and the U.S. possess nuclear weaponry, according to the NPT, they have been banned from building and maintaining such weapons in perpetuity.
  • China has 260 approximate warheads, Russia has roughly 7300 and Pakistan has 120.
  • The USA is lagging slightly behind Russia with 7100 warheads and India currently has 110.

Hence, with Russia currently ahead than all the rest in the nuclear race, both India and Pakistan are looking to Russia to build an alliance with.


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