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Nuclear War: North Korea Secret Nuclear Site Found, 1st Target Could Be Busan

Nuclear War: North Korea Secret Nuclear Site Found, 1st Target Could Be Busan
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Nuclear War: North Korea Secret Nuclear Site Found, 1st Target Could Be Busan

After reports of nuclear-enabled submarines were spotted near the borders between the two Koreas, a U.S security official has said they might have found a secret nuclear facility by the communist North Korea. A separate report claimed North Korea has Busan as its first target of nuclear attack.

This was revealed after the U.S Institute for Science and International Security issued a report noting that the likelihood that the North Korea is still maintaining a discreet nuclear facility remained high.

According to the report, pinpointing the location of these sites remained vital in ensuring that the North Korea won’t use the facility to continue threatening the whole world with their nuclear program. However, this is something that remains elusive at present.

David Albright, the institute’s president noted that the priority of the world this time is to locate where does North Korea hide its facility for enriched uranium. Being able to locate the exact location of these secret sites would be vital effort in dismantling North Korea’s nuclear program, Albright noted.

“It is necessary to identify where North Korea enriches uranium and part of that is understanding where it has done it in the past,” Albright was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The report about this discreet North Korean nuclear facility emerged coinciding to a leaked photo of Kim Jong-un obtained by Daily Star. In the photo, the North Korean leader was holding a map showing the possible trajectories of a supposed nuclear missile launch. The map was pointing to Busan, South Korea’s second largest city. What particularly striking about this is that in any moment that a war between SorKor and NorJor erupts, Busan was the most possible location, America could send it reinforcement.

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It can be recalled that North Korea has intensified its surveillance program in the past days. Just this week, South Korean authorities have detected a radio broadcast the North sends, which sounds like an instruction to its spies in the South.

Also, in a previous report by the Morning News USA, the North also allegedly sent at least two surveillance submarines near the border between the two Koreas that separated at the outset of the World War II.

The South is one of the strongest allies of the U.S in Asia-Pacific, while China and Russia are among the strongest benefactor of the North since two separated around 70 years ago. War analysts are predicting that single attack from North Korea against South Korea will drag the United States into a war.

At the other side of the fence, China and Russia could also support North Korea in this looming war. The relations between America and Russia is at its very tensed state since Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

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