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Nuclear War: Bill Gates, NBA Stars, Oscar Awardees Evacuating To Elite Bunkers In LA, Report

Nuclear War: Bill Gates, NBA Stars, Oscar Awardees Evacuating To Elite Bunkers In LA, Report
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Nuclear War: Bill Gates, NBA Stars, Oscar Awardees Evacuating To Elite Bunkers In LA, Report

Home security has emerged as one of the luxuries witnessing an escalated popularity amid increased mass shootings and bombings.

It is reported that movie stars, sports personalities and Microsoft founder Bill Gates are building lavish shelters with facilities like swimming pools and bowling alleys in response to the world getting more anxious.

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin has issued an immediate retaliation against the United States on both of the latter’s coasts. As reported by Morning News USA, the retaliation, which could take place on the East and West coasts, will involve a “special weapons” barrage. In the past, the U.S. has accused Russia of “war crimes” concerning the destruction in Syria.

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According to Gary Lynch, General Manager at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services in several Los Angeles residences, sales related to property at the upscale market have escalated as much as 700 percent from last year. The overall sales, Lynch notes, have increased by 150 percent.

Marketing Director Brad Roberson notes that a spike is witnessed “any time there is a turbulent political landscape.”

Al Corbi, president and founder of S.A.F.E. (Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments), said that some of his most popular constructions were $100 million subterranean residences, one for a global venture capitalist and the other for an East Coast developer. These bunkers, Corbi added, include 8 feet of soil blocks radioactive fallout, a positive-pressure air system with HEPA filters that keeps contaminants out, and a metal encasement.

Ultimate Bunker recently constructed a multi-million complex on a 700-acre property north of Minneapolis for a client “known for television, who has how own show.”

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The residence features, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, two 1,000-square-foot bunkers (one for storage) connected by 300 feet of tunnels to the main 6,800-square-foot home along with three guesthouses, each of which contain a $200,000 bunker “to take care of his family and friends,” owner Mike Peters said.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has “huge shelters under every one of his homes” in Rancho Santa Fe and Washington, according to Robert Vicino, founder of Del Mar, California based Vivos, which constructs upscale community bunkers in Indiana.

“[Gates’] head of security visited with us a couple years ago, and for these multi-billionaires, a few million is nothing. It’s really just the newest form of insurance,” Vicino said.

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