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Nuclear War: BBC Was Prepared For Nuclear War

Nuclear War: BBC Was Prepared For Nuclear War
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Nuclear War: BBC Was Prepared For Nuclear War

If the Cold War ended up as the feared Nuclear War, BBC would still be open for business at the time, reports show.

For the first time in decades, the United Kingdom’s leading broadcasting network, BBC, released to the public some well-kept secrets. BBC, decades after the Cold War, publicized its detailed plan had the Nuclear War erupted in its so-called “War Book.”

War Book

In the book, in case the UK had been attacked by a nuclear weapon, the network’s special war broadcasting known as the Wartime Broadcasting System would have taken over. Under such, the network’s operations would center on 11 nuclear weapon-protected bunkers known in the book as Deferred Facilities.

The facilities are spread in 11 strategic areas across the UK. Each facility, according to the documentary, would have been manned by five staffers drawn from nearby radio stations. During the nuclear exchange, the network would have operated only in radio broadcasts, giving hourly updates and news about the latest condition across the country.

The government would have been in control of the contents of the broadcasted material.

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Apart from the 11 substations spread across the UK, the network’s central station would have been located in a protected bunker in Wood North, Worcestershire. Unlike the 11 substations, which would have been manned by roughly five staffers, the Wood North station would have been manned by 90 of BBC’s employees.

All-Male Staffers

Since the network would have been operating discreetly, choosing staffers for the special broadcast, which would have ran for weeks, was a big challenge. Under the book, it appeared that all employees would have been males.

It was also revealed that the codeword was “falsetto.” Fortunately, the feared nuclear exchange didn’t happen.

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