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Nuclear Facility Under Lockdown Reopened After No Explosive Device Was Found

Nuclear Facility Under Lockdown Reopened After No Explosive Device Was Found
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Nuclear Facility Under Lockdown Reopened After No Explosive Device Was Found

A nuclear site in South Carolina was placed under lockdown for more than two hours on Monday, and was subsequently reopened after no threat was discovered, the Department of Energy said.

The lockdown was prompted after a sniffing-dog overreacted and stopped a delivery truck.

In a press release, the Energy Department said that a “potential security event” was declared as a result of a “possibility of explosive residue” on a delivery truck. The residue was discovered by electronic scans and sniffing-dogs.”

“Law enforcement agencies from South Carolina and Georgia were called and are on the scene to assist Centerra, the site security contractor,” the agency stated.

According to Yahoo News, the truck servicing vending machines, which the dog barked at, was suspected to be the source of threat.

No explosive device found

In a statement on the Facebook page, the Savannah River Site said that law enforcement did not find any explosive device on the truck. “Site barricades are currently closed to incoming traffic. There is no indication of a consequence beyond the Savannah River Site boundaries,” the Energy Department’s press release stated.

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Plant returned to normal activity

The Savannah River Site’s H Area was placed on a “phase II” security alert. Further instructions required the personnel to stay within their offices and laboratories until further notice was issued.

According to the site’s most recent Facebook post, the plant returned to regular activity at 5:52 p.m.

As reported by RT, the Savannah River Site was established in 1950 to refine nuclear material to be used in weapons. The site, which houses five nuclear reactors, is now being used to purify enriched uranium for commercial purposes.

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