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Nuclear Arms Race Brewing Over The Middle East

Nuclear Arms Race Brewing Over The Middle East
The Haram Sharif Al Jazeera English / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Nuclear Arms Race Brewing Over The Middle East

Saudi Arabia is ready to become the very first nuclear power in the Arab world, Prince Mohammad Bin Nawaf Bin Abdul Aziz said. His remark comes as Iran remains adamant of not bending its resolve over its nuclear program.

The ambassador to London also voiced out concern over U.S. president Barack Obama’s softening stance against Iran nuclear deal and London’s said disengagement in international affairs.

Saudi will go nuclear if Iran fails to safeguard nuclear program

Mr Obama appears to be more engaged in accommodating reformists in Iran more than upholding his alliance in the Arab world, Abdul Aziz said. With this, “it became known that Iran was pursuing a policy that could be shifted to a weapons-of-mass-destruction program,” he said.

The prince noted that Saudi Arabia has been loyal to the policy established by the late King Fahd against Riyadh developing nuclear weapons. However, this is about to change in any minute that negotiations with Iran led by Mr Obama will fail and it will become apparent that Iran will have all the means to create an atomic bomb.

“We have always expressed our support for resolving the Iranian nuclear file in a diplomatic way and through negotiation,” said Prince Mohammad as quoted by the Gulf News.

“We commend the American president’s effort in this regard, provided that any deal reached is watertight and is not the kind of deal that offers Iran a license to continue its destabilizing foreign policies in the region. The proof is in the pudding,” the prince was quoted as saying during an exclusive interview with The Telegraph.

Britain is withdrawing from world engagements

Saudi is also concern amidst observation that Britain is starting to withdraw from its international engagements.

“The perception that Britain is withdrawing from the international stage could have a negative impact. Britain has played a historical role in the region due to its colonial past. It knows the Arab world very well and it can still have a pivotal positive role. To see a country like Britain no longer playing a central role in the region will have ramifications that are not positive.”


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