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NSA Shooting: Accused Refused To Comply, Shot Dead

NSA Shooting: Accused Refused To Comply, Shot Dead
2010 02 18 – 6278 – Ft Meade – NSA Bossi / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


NSA Shooting: Accused Refused To Comply, Shot Dead

Ft Meade - NSA

Image from Flickr by thisisbossi

A man was dead and another was critically injured during a shooting incident outside the National Security Agency headquarters near Washington.

The FBI said driver Ricky Shawatza Hall, 27, was killed at the scene, while Kevin Lamont Fleming, 20, was wounded and transported to a local hospital.

NSA started firing at the two men, who despite being warned repeatedly to stop refused to follow instructions and charged towards the NSA gate.

The vehicle collided with a police SUV blocking the road, injuring the officer.

The two men, dressed as women, had arrived at the gate of the NSA in a stolen car, belonging to a man who was going to take them to a “party” in a motel.

Police spokeswoman Mary Phelan told Associated Press that she “can’t confirm there was any sexual activity involved.” The cocaine found in the car could have contributed to their refusal to comply with instructions.

According to Howard County Police, the owner of the SUV picked up the two men in Baltimore and took them to the Terrace Motel in Elkridge where they checked in at 7:30am. The two planned to have a party.

The owner went to the bathroom an hour after checking into the room. Upon coming out, he realized the two individuals had disappeared along with his car keys.

Just before 9am, the men drove to an exit that along the highway, only to find themselves directly near a restricted area at Fort Meade’s NSA entrance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Hall’s lawyer said he had indeed a criminal record, with previous arrests for armed robbery, theft and prostitution.

Members of Baltimore’s transvestite community said Hall lived in an apartment building in Baltimore, according to Wbal-Tv.

Although no explanation was issued as to why the pair were outside the NSA facility, it is being suggested that they could have simple taken a wrong turn after fleeing with the vehicle.


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