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‘Now You See Me 2’ Screening Stopped As Suspicious Backpack Triggers Bomb Scare

‘Now You See Me 2’ Screening Stopped As Suspicious Backpack Triggers Bomb Scare
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‘Now You See Me 2’ Screening Stopped As Suspicious Backpack Triggers Bomb Scare

Lionsgate’s screening of Now You See Me 2 at the Colosseum in Las Vegas was abruptly stopped, and people were asked to evacuate, due to security reasons.

Lionsgate’s screening of the movie “Now You See Me 2,” a sequel to 2013’s “Now You See Me,” was abruptly stopped because of security reasons.

The almost 4,000 people attending the screening were asked to evacuate the Colosseum in Las Vegas on Thursday around 15 minutes into the movie. The attendees were told the evacuation was due to a “technical issue.”

A “suspicious item,” found out to be a backpack left in a seat was the reason the audience was cleared from the theater, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

In a statement, NATO spokesman Patrick Corcoran said, “The screening was stopped out of complete caution for the safety of the delegates and attendees. A potential threat had to be taken seriously. By the time we determined it was not a threat, it was too late to start the movie.”

However, in a 4:55 p.m. update from Deadline, Las Vegas Metro police confirmed that the suspicious item was not a threat; but they did not make it clear why the item was considered suspicious.

The screen had gone blank abruptly at 3 p.m. and, after being told a technical issue had arisen, the audience was told to “please leave in a very orderly fashion.” The Lionsgate brass, including Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, were among those waiting outside the theater for further instructions.

Deadline’s update also said that the awards presentation scheduled for Wednesday would occur as planned with the Colosseum doors reopening at 7 p.m.

Now You See Me 2 – directed by Jon Chu and starring Jesse Einsenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Lizzy Caplan, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman – is scheduled for a release on June 10.

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