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‘Now You See Me 2’: Real Reason Why Isla Fisher Was Not Cast

‘Now You See Me 2’: Real Reason Why Isla Fisher Was Not Cast
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‘Now You See Me 2’: Real Reason Why Isla Fisher Was Not Cast

“Now You See Me” 2 will be the follow-up to what was one of the biggest movie hits of 2013. It has a thrilling plot and boasts of its special effects.

Despite negative reviews, the People’s Choice Award-winning film was able to land the second highest-grossing film next to “Fast and Furious 6” taking $29,350,389 on its opening weekend from 2,925 theaters.

By the end of June, its earnings double its production budget. It remained on the top 10 of the North American box office for six weeks after it was released. Worldwide, its total earnings were $351,723,989.00 against its budget of $75 million.

It is a film about four magicians who called themselves The Horsemen. The Louis Leterrier film features magic and revenge. The cast includes Woody Harelson playing Merritt McKinney, Jesse Eisenberg playing Danny Atlas, Dave Franco playing Jack Wilder and Isla Fisher playing Henley Reeves.

Out of the lead characters, only Isla Fisher did not make it to the sequel. The question up until now is why?

As reported by The BitBag, she was pregnant when the production began in 2014. She really had not choice but to give up her role to give way to her third child with Sacha Baron Cohen. Her pregnancy cannot be written in on the movie, after all.

Movie News Guide reported that the “Now You See Me 2” cast got an addition in Daniel Radcliffe who was famous for his “Harry Potter” role and Lizzy Caplan of the “Mean Girls” fame.

Isla Fisher’s replacement in the movie is Lizzy Caplan who will play LuLu. Aside from Fisher, Mélanie Laurent also left the franchise although no reason was stated. She was replaced by Sanaa Lathan to play the role of Natalie Austin, an FBI director.

Will “Now You See Me 2” equal or even surpass its predecessor? The addition of Daniel Radcliffe as the villain Walter Mabry will probably do the trick. The sequel will be released on June 9, of this year.

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