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Windows 10 Mobile Notifications Changing; Details Here

Windows 10 Mobile Notifications Changing; Details Here
Lumia 950 from Microsoft


Windows 10 Mobile Notifications Changing; Details Here

Microsoft is still working on the Windows 10 mobile phone. For desktops, we have seen how every update focuses on improving the operating system. No matter how minor the changes are, they are introduced in improve the functions of your Windows 10 machine. The same is applicable to Microsoft’s phones.

Currently, Insiders at Microsoft are testing Windows 10 for phones. Here are the changes the company is working on: earlier, Windows 10 mobile phones introduced interactive notifications. Now, the company is working towards a better Action Center.

For Notifications, a “See More” option is coming. How will the “See More” help you? Currently, when you check notifications, you get a list of 20 recent notifications. This new option will cut it down to three, and tapping on “See More” will show the list of 20.

Now, if you have already checked previous notifications, you can see the recent ones and be done with it. For the Windows 10 phone, Microsoft has also allotted space to Cortana’s Settings and moved it out of the notebook.

What do Windows 10 mobile phone users think about the changes?

MSPower reported about Insiders testing these changes and what Windows 10 phone users can expect in the near future. The post was followed by comments that shed some light on what users actually think of the changes and Windows 10 as a whole. Here are the comments:

A user with poster name Real Schein wrote, “The one thing that would make Action Center great for me is the transparency effect that is on desktop, but for mobile” to which another user, Rajdeep Dutta replied, “True…Gave this Feedback from the starting..but still nope..not there in Win10Mobile… Maybe Microsoft is hesitating to add this feature probably because it would eat more resources??? [Irony- iPhone(has way lot less resources)].”

Kram Sacul, another commenter, feels that Microsoft is trying to look like iOS and Android, due to which it “no longer stands out and looks like a copycat.” Let us see if Microsoft takes these comments seriously and work on them.

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