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Notebook Reveals Pete Rose Bet On Baseball As Player

Notebook Reveals Pete Rose Bet On Baseball As Player
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Notebook Reveals Pete Rose Bet On Baseball As Player

For 26 years Pete Rose stuck to one story, that he never bet on baseball while playing the game. He wrote an autobiography in 2004 where he admitted after 15 long years of denial that he did bet on baseball games as Reds manager.

Recent documents reveal that Rose regularly placed bets on Cincinnati Reds while notching up the last hits of his career, during which he smashed several records in 1986. Rose was banned following the 1989 Dowd Report, which clarified evidences of his betting while on the field. The recent documents go beyond the earlier ones to show more authentic proof that Rose is guilty of betting.

“This does it. This closes the door,” said John Dowd, prosecutor who led MLB’s investigation.

The pages from a notebook seized from Rose’s former associate Michael Bertolini during a raid done by U.S. Postal Inspection Services in October 1989, two months after the player was declared ineligible for MLB, show hidden entries of the accounts of Rose’s extensive betting trials. Two people who took part in the raid verified its authenticity. The notebook for 26 years remained under court-ordered seal.

Rose’s lawyer Raymond Genco issued a statement: “Since we submitted the application earlier this year, we committed to MLB that we would not comment on specific matters relating to reinstatement. I need to maintain that. To be sure, I’m eager to sit down with [MLB commissioner Rob] Manfred to address my entire history — the good and the bad — and my long personal journey since baseball. That meeting likely will come sometime after the All-Star break. Therefore at this point, it’s not appropriate to comment on any specifics.”

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